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Fortnite on the Xbox 360? I got it….

Don’t believe me? Yes i got Fortnite on the xbox 360. Simply watch the youtube video: fortnite xbox 360 – it’s as easy as that! Here’s my review of Fortnite (Epic Games) Xbox 360 Gameplay This was the best “Royale” game until they ruined their hook and made Legendary weapons a random drop instead of making […]

My Favorite skin on fortnite! + Fortnite Review

Who can guess it? Yes the love ranger skin with the wings! It’s without a doubt my favorite skin on Fornite Battle Royale. Have a look at this showcase video of theskin, he will show you how to get it for free: how to get love ranger fortnite skin! Anyways guys, if you are interested in […]

THE NEW Pterodactyl Glider IN FORTNITE!

YO GUYS! Epic Games just dropped the new Pterodactyl Glider and it’s awesome. It is a really big skin that matches the other dinosaur skins in fortnite. Here is our FULL review of it on youtube: Pterodactyl Glider – Make sure to like, comment and subscribe 😉 So apart from skins, who else is enjoying fortnite? Fortnite is a […]

Free Fornite Skins? Yes Please!

The game is very repetitive. Every round, the same thing happens again and again. You can decimate an enemy player in a few seconds, so you’ll find people staring at a wall waitng for the enemy to peek and hopefully, kill them faster than they can kill you. This just makes the extremely slow and […]

Let’s Play Fortnite Save the World NOW!

The game is “fine” in general. Although It’s a shame how limited it is. With no mod support system, the game simply becomes something you need to invest a lot of time into, which some of us simply do not have. Having the ability to play sandbox, being ACTUAL sandbox where you have everything unlocked, […]

Get your FREE Jurassic World Evolution Key here!

Have you guys been enjoying all the these new game releases? Yes me too! Today I got my hands on a free key for Jurassic World Evolution this was working on steam, xbox and ps4. You simply follow this videos guide (below) and then you can freely download Jurassic world evolution! Anyways, here is my […]

This is best way I have found to get free coins and stars on gardenscapes

I have been playing this game on my android device, gardenscapes is super addicting game and I am really enjoying it. I would love to show you this video I have watch recently…. It shows you the best gardenscapes hack and cheats you can use to get unlimited coins and stars! Within my 10-hour gametime […]

How to get Vampyr for FREE on PS4, XBOX & PC – STEAM

Had it on Pre-order and even decided to upgrade my PC so I could play it. So far the story is really good, and the skill tree is cool. The atmosphere and soundtrack are top notch quality, some of the best we have had in recent years. I was a little upset at all the […]

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is it fun?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, it is a blast. Combat is fluid, intuitive, and makes pvp really intense. The open world factions based (like WoW) pvp is always a good time. Can’t wait for the upcoming pvp content in the next week or two. Sidequests are actually fun, but if you want to get down and […]

You can now get State of Decay 2 for FREE!

TL;DR; The coop naruto/airbender roguelike game you’ve been secretly wishing for! Context: I’ve mostly played coop, only 2 hrs alone. I received this State of decay 2 from my friend as a birthday gift, and played together with my bro on his machine. The game is slightly easier with 2 players so we got the last […]