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Fortnite Save the World for FREE? I’ll show you how!

Let me be clear: this game is NOT a quick reskin or a money grab. It has been built from the ground up in a brand new engine with lots of love and it looks phenomenal – videos don’t do it any justice. It runs beautifully on my GTX970, and the textures are all so crisp and sharp that sometimes I find myself leaning in to take a closer look at it (I can’t see any flaws – this is on a 27″ monitor at 1440p.)

Also, the entire soundtrack has been upheaved and remastered and while staying true to the original Рtruly one of the best soundtracks in video games, and the reworked voice acting is pretty good too (I preferred the original, but hey.)  I absouetely love the building aspect of the game, Epic games is truly changing the industry when it comes to free to play gaming! However, Save the World does actually cost real life money unlike the battle royale version. I did find a video online though of how you can actually get a free code here: save the world free

What a time to be living in… I can’t believe its been a good 20 years since the originals first came out, and here we are again. It almost brings a (manly) tear to the eye reliving these childhood memories…

For $40 USD,¬†Fortnite STW is a STEAL. With perfect optimization, stunning visuals, and the same old gameplay that most of us are familiar with, it’s worth every penny. And I can’t recommend it enough!

This review will be updated once I finish each game