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Does Android support Fortnite? Yes I’ll show you how to play!

Android users have been in the dust when it comes to Fornite, however this video has recently went live showing a way how to play fortnite on the Android OS! This confirmed to be working… Check the video here: fortnite android download

Here’s our review of the game on the Android device:

They say, if you have played CSGO, this game will be easy for you. This game is an absolute crap, with no proper weapon recoil and aim. Not like usual shooting games. Full of hackers. But, It’s my favorite Battle Royale. It’s fun playing and kind of addictive, especially when playing with 1,2 or 3 Friends in the various team formats. But beware some learning curve, so if you are not into learning a lot of mechanics don’t buy! You may also need some fun in playing the “same” game over and over – similar to MOBAs like DotA or LoL.

With 220 hours on this game, I think I am somewhat able to give a review on this game.
Overall, I personaly enjoy this game a lot. but just because i enjoy this game, that doesnt mean that it’s a good game. Epic Games, in my opinion, has taken some questionable and bad choices on the game. here are some of the flaws of Epic and what they did to this game.
– Battle pass with a broken system. Why am I getting items that I am going to end up getting taken away?
– Battle pass missions are extremly boring. Its gotting to the point of killing my own teamates to revive them.
– Doesnt know how to deal with hacking. (yea i know region lock will help, but I think getting a better anti-cheat system will have the same affect and benefit the game.)
– Adds content instead of fixing the game.
– Epic Games pretty much put duct tape over the mouth of the community.
– For some reason, they took out map select.
– Desperatly calls out fortnite for copying, unironically.
In conclusion, I really enjoy this game and i think this game can potentially be better then what it is. If only bluehole can pull a u-turn and fix up the game.