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Fortnite on the Xbox 360? I got it….

Don’t believe me? Yes i got Fortnite on the xbox 360. Simply watch the youtube video: fortnite xbox 360 – it’s as easy as that!

Here’s my review of Fortnite (Epic Games) Xbox 360 Gameplay

This was the best “Royale” game until they ruined their hook and made Legendary weapons a random drop instead of making the player earn it. This is game breaking and is literally the only negative review I’ve made. Change it back and I’ll fix my review.

This game is bad even by free to play standards, i’m no fortnite fanboy either. the game is poorly balance (mage and engennieer are way too op). The graphics look actualy horrendous and the gun play is worst than that of minecraft.
im not asking hi-rez to make the game better, im asking them to kill this excuse for a game.

Was an amazing game until you single handedly killed it with this new patch smh… removing forging which is the foundation of what made this game great has to be one of the worst things you could have done. revert forging or rip game. another rng game appealing to bad players.

This game was extremely fun. One of the best aspects was it immediately rewarded aggressive play and fighting was by far the best way to gear up and get ahead of the competition. If you were playing it safe, staying out of fights and looting the entire game, you would not be as strong as someone who went around doing nothing but hunting other players and forges.

As of the most recent patch where you can find legendary weapons in the very first chest you loot in the game. The gameplay is broken. It’s currently rewarding people for doing nothing but running around looting chests until you get a legendary weapon before you fight. The “Fun” aspect in this game is gone with the most recent patch; which an overwhelming majority of players over forums, reddit and discord communities all agree with. Until this patch is reverted, the game is just another BR with absolutely nothing good going for it.