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My Favorite skin on fortnite! + Fortnite Review

Who can guess it? Yes the love ranger skin with the wings! It’s without a doubt my favorite skin on Fornite Battle Royale. Have a look at this showcase video of theskin, he will show you how to get it for free: how to get love ranger fortnite skin!

Anyways guys, if you are interested in playing fortnite, please check out my review below!

If i wrote this review a patch ago i would have recommended this game… it was fun and getting kills early and being aggressive rather than hiding on the outskirts of the map was rewarding and gave you a well deserved advantage by being able to forge your legendary class gun earlier than that hid and gained their armor up over time and come end game still dont have their class gun… however now it rewards the people that hide on the outskirts to gather gear over time because they removed the ability to forge class legendary and instead you can now find them in chest randomly… their reasoning was that players that RISKED forging legendaries early were too overpowered and outscaled the armor gathering…. like really? thats their excuse… so having to fight for your legendary class weapon and risk dying while forging it is overpowered… where as upon landing opening your first chest and finding not 1 but 2 legendary class weapons with no effort isnt??? seriously the devs of this game either 1. do not play their games… or 2. are complete and listening to the 10 year old kids that complain they never get a legendary weapon on fortnite because they are not good enough to get a kill…. but thats not all…. they have added AUTOMATIC RIFLES to the game which are hard to find (havent found one in 15+ games) and when you do find one you can 1v99 the server with spray to win mechanics… oh and hitscan guns… enough said there…. all in all they seem to be ruining their game… however it is still not a full game so they could indeed correct some of their mistakes by balancing said weapons and most importantly making kills early on rewarding rather than useless…. but fortnite is free, so give it a go!