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THE NEW Pterodactyl Glider IN FORTNITE!

YO GUYS! Epic Games just dropped the new Pterodactyl Glider and it’s awesome. It is a really big skin that matches the other dinosaur skins in fortnite. Here is our FULL review of it on youtube: Pterodactyl Glider – Make sure to like, comment and subscribe 😉

So apart from skins, who else is enjoying fortnite?

Fortnite is a new and creative spin on royale games. The game allows players to have more movement than the other royale games. There are different classes to choose from before the game starts. Each class has its own uniqueness to the playing field. The classes all have different class weapons and abilities that only that class can use. There of course is still weapons every class can use. Making the game more fair is the aspect of forging. You collect shards from items you do not want from chests and can forge the best armor, abilities, and weapons. only the best can survive and win this game. If you get downed avoid enemies until the timer runs out, but don’t get downed to more than three times otherwise it is game over. Really Fun game just wish there was more to it like some skins and maybe a few special things like special armor or something that makes the player special or make it so it shows people hes played and earned his way up to the top.

Fortnite is really good, i havent played it that much but from what ive seen its really well made. Dont think this a bad game just because it was developed by epic games studios (developers of paladins). i did see some problems with structures so there goes some feedback from devs.

Overall I highly recommend you guys to check out Fortnite and also some of the cool new skins they are dropping everyday!