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Free Fornite Skins? Yes Please!

The game is very repetitive. Every round, the same thing happens again and again. You can decimate an enemy player in a few seconds, so you’ll find people staring at a wall waitng for the enemy to peek and hopefully, kill them faster than they can kill you. This just makes the extremely slow and repetitive. The weapon balance in this game is also horrible. There are many weapons in the game, but whats the point of using most of them? The only “good” weapons are the ak47 and the awp. If its not an eco or a save round, there is no point of buying any other weapon besides these two. However you should really check out this youtube video if you like fortnite skins, hes show you how to get this rare skin here: How To Get Skull Trooper Skin FREE

There are different mechanics in different fps games that makes them different and special. In fortnite, it’s the spray pattern and the slow nature of the game. The spray pattern is supposed to make the game harder, because you can’t consistently get headshots. However, in lower levels, the spray patterns are a complete joke. I see players aiming at the enemy’s feet and still getting headshots. I wouldn’t say i’m good, when i play competitve, i’m usually the only one on the team that knows how to properly place my crosshair.

And worst of all, the community. The community is absolutely terrible. People will literally kick you for the everything. People will try to kick you in CASUAL games for not clutching the game. How is a new player supposed to learn how to play the game properly if they just get kicked for not doing well?

Overall, i wouldn’t recommend this game. The gameplay gets boring and repetitve extremely quickly. If you’re new, you’ll spend most of your time dead, spectating the game, or kicked by some 10 year old that thinks they’re good!