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Have you guys been enjoying all the these new game releases? Yes me too! Today I got my hands on a free key for Jurassic World Evolution this was working on steam, xbox and ps4. You simply follow this videos guide (below) and then you can freely download Jurassic world evolution!

Anyways, here is my review:

I LOVE the fact that you can bond a trust with a dino and train and ride him getting stuff is hard at first but get to level 30 and it will be a breeze farm grind kill tame near the end of the grind when you have flak and metal tools and guns it will get boring but them theres boss fights alot of your dinos will die some will live but its worth it
you will need some good specs to play this game so if you have a bad pc or laptop do not get this

I must already be a grizzled old man or something, but crafting games just bore ever loving shmingus out of me. I understand that Minecraft was a landmark game and eighty years from now, cyberchildren will still be placing down dirt blocks and looking for diamonds, but seriously now. I look upon the face of Jurassic World Evolution and I see nothing but glowing, empty disappointment. It wears the faces of its predecessors so proudly. It’s Rust. It’s Minecraft. It’s Jurassic Park. It stands on the shoulders of giants that’ve shaped the industry.

I have played are for some time but only in SP and when i have played MP its very frustrating as people are so far ahead but in saying that i ave found a server will very helpfull admins. PVE Mon – Fri and PVP at weekends but players will not wipe you out they are kind enough to leave passive Dinos alone and dont do to much damage so you have a fighting chance to rebuild and if your stuck they all do there best to help out if they have time.

It’s Minecraft with dinosaurs. None of it is interesting or entertaining.

Overall, Jurassic World EvolutionĀ is a great game, it has so much depth, and you can play for hours! It’s really well optimized to play with friends, and everthing can be customised to not be as grindy as the average game. My only problem is that it is quite difficult to run on a less powerful computer, but even if you have a laptop i5 like me, you can still run it on min graphics.