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Within my 10-hour gametime of Gardenscapes, I can safely say this game is worth the buy.

Now before you take off and evade my recommendation, hear me out on these pros and cons:

– General gameplay is solid and enjoyable
– Multiplayer
– Unique mechanics
– Doesn’t take a supercomputer to run; just any computer generally suited for gaming
– A small, but great soundtrack
– Developer has assured the game will continue to be updated

– Hunger and thirst must be attended to frequently
– Only threat in the game is a shark; respawns basically right after you kill it, so there’s no intermissions, really
~ The shark bait item keeps the shark away from you longer than it does to kill it and wait for it to respawn, which is a little disappointing

It’s clear to me that this game has made phenomenal headway since its Itch.io pre-alpha version. I’m amazed to see how far this game as come and I will be there to stick around as the game improves and updates. I’m glad there’s such a passionate developer with a game that has so much potential. It’s obvious this game has flaws, just like any other game, but as long as the developer is as open-minded as he is passionate, I can say confidently Gardenscapes will be an amazing game.

{ Gardenscapes contains approximately 10 hours of content as of version 1.01b }

Easily one of my favorite games here on Steam. I am a sucker for these types of open world survival games. You collect, create, and bulid. There really isn’t much to do but again it’s in early access and has litteraly been 2 weeks since release. All in all I recommend this game to anyone who likes open world survival games.