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How to get Vampyr for FREE on PS4, XBOX & PC – STEAM

Had it on Pre-order and even decided to upgrade my PC so I could play it. So far the story is really good, and the skill tree is cool. The atmosphere and soundtrack are top notch quality, some of the best we have had in recent years. I was a little upset at all the negative reviews, most center around the somewhat clunky combat system. I wish it was a little more refined but it works fr this game. I hope they end up adding DLC quests later on so there will be more to do. Otherwise I am enjoying Vampyr so far!

I have played about two hours and overall really enjoying the game..
I think the graphics look good and it runs very well.
Story seems to be interesting enough as of right now.
Has a Sherlock Holmes type fell to it didn’t know what to think of it at first but enjyoing it now.
Combat so far is alright, nothing to flashy but still fun to do. I can see it getting better the more you level up.
Of course there is stuff they can improve on but still really enjoying the game… and also if you want to play it for free like do, just watch this video:

So far, I’ve been enjoying this game a lot, its fun and the main story is very intriguing as well as the side quests which i dont normally do in other games. The skill tree is not complicated, everything is simple. If you like dark gritty games with a good story then this is a must buy!

Overall: Vampyr is pretty and captivating. The theme of the game is very interesting being set in a gothic horror and it compliments the story with fluid movement and combat. Skills are intriguing and crafting keeps you looting. Began with the mindset to not kill any citizens, however  dont get the same respect.