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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is it fun?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, it is a blast.

Combat is fluid, intuitive, and makes pvp really intense. The open world factions based (like WoW) pvp is always a good time. Can’t wait for the upcoming pvp content in the next week or two.

Sidequests are actually fun, but if you want to get down and dirty you can just start killing anything and automatically recieve a quest to kill that monster. (Pretty great honestly if you just wanna practice your skills and not worry about going to find a quest for a specific monster, you also can gain dungeon points doing these)

Pet system is awesome, hilarious, and adds quite a bit of depth to the game. There are a crazy amount of pets/mounts to tame. You can upgrade pets to gain different abilities, and the same goes with mounts. You use other pets as an ingredient, but it can be a little grindy (it is an mmo).

This is a fun game regardless of the amount of content it launched with or the issues that it had. I am having fun with the classes and as a fan of tab target MMOs, I feel right at home in Harry potter with an added bonus of the combo chain system which is amazing and adds depth to the combat. The leveling and story has been fun and I have tried multiple classes as well as races from each faction on different servers of course, I’ve also been using these Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats when playing, it just makes the game soooooo much fun!

Talents are really fun, and what you craft is actually valuable/worthwhile. (There is also a secret resource dungeon you can find randomly to aid in crafting (; )

Gear can be upgraded and infused, and talent upgrades allow you to shred even more noobs. It also looks great, and there aren’t just a ton of reskins of similar items. There could be more sets, but what is there is very nice.

I just hope they add more content like they say they are going to, as I will be here for awhile.

Only complaint is nerf guardian, and add more stuff. (Classes, levels, end game content)

I hope the community doesn’t let such a beauty die, I’d love to see this game flower into its full potential.

Oh and go Gryffindor!