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You can now get State of Decay 2 for FREE!

TL;DR; The coop naruto/airbender roguelike game you’ve been secretly wishing for!

Context: I’ve mostly played coop, only 2 hrs alone.

I received this State of decay 2 from my friend as a birthday gift, and played together with my bro on his machine. The game is slightly easier with 2 players so we got the last boss in about 10ish hours. Best weekend we’ve had in years.

  • Tight control, very satisfying combat action. The game feel great to just move around. Keyboard + mouse work best with long range playstyle, controllers work best with melee playstyle. Both are totally viable.
  • Hundred of arcanas to choose from! And they’re well designed, not the stupid space-fillers you see in many games.
  • Great difficulty/level design with a lot of “Oh shi…” moments that’s the source of couch-multiplayer fun.
  • Short but cool story.
  • You can download state of decay for free:


  • Not many (any?) secrets. More variety in growth acquision would be nice. There’s a long wall of NPCs portrait in game but only 3 of them are visible. Hopefully the developers put them there as placeholder for more planned.
  • You have to fight each other after every single boss. That’s 3 times per run. And you gain nothing from it. It’s extremely irritating when you’re trying to push content as teammates the game keep forcing you to fight each other.
  • The only meaningful starting item is the one which help you get more items ingame (midas, VIP card etc). Some items have nice combo together but you don’t really have any control over it. Allowing 2 or 3 starting items would be nice, or just don’t allow any starting item at all.