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You can play Hyrule Warriors FOR FREE ON NINTENDO SWITCH!

I do recommend this game, but not to people who dislike repitition.

Hyrule Warrior a rogue-like so I feel as if it is obvious, but I see a lot of people saying that the game is boring and you get it over with in less than in hour. If you like to actually play a rogue-like you tend to be used to repetition. A lot of people that I see say that the room variety is bad, which it is, there aren’t a lot of rooms that are different, but if you think about it Binding of Isaac and Gungeon is similar to that, which is not a bad thing. I’ve played a bit of Isaac, but not too much Gungeon, but I remember seeing the same room over and over and over again. I will agree that room layout isn’t really the best and could have more variety, but for now it’s just great I do hope for DLC for more rooms and stuff.

As for the bosses, I do think that the bosses are a bit repititious. Fighting the same three bosses over and over again can get boring, but it never fails to entertain me, fighting them at different levels in the game make them more difficult, they do more attacks before they can be stunned, they do more damage and have a faster attack speed, they get stunned for less, and they also get more moves. Bosses could be improved along with rooms.

The combat is the main reason why I bought the game, it’s so good, it’s actually the same reason why I love Dark Souls and dislike the Elderscrolls. Combat can be such a dissapointing part of a game, but this game doesn’t dissapoint at all, it’s very fast pace and you have to think for a split second to do anything, extremely fast paced. Not only that but the different spell combonations are really REALLY good. I’ve seen that people don’t like how you can’t combine spells like in Magika, but I don’t really see the problem. The real reason you want to use combat is to use all of your spells in an order that makes a combo that can do a lot of damage, then dodging, then fighting again once the enemy gives your and opportunity or when your spells are off cooldown. In Hyrule Warriors, I have been using the same spell combo for the past 2 days straight and I haven’t gotten bored of it, the builds you can make are not the best in variety, but also create some really nice synergies out there.

One more thing before the scorings, people complain that the spells they get during a run may not alter their run making them feel just as strong at the start and end of a run, I can see why people don’t like that, people like to see improvement, however for me I like to see improvement in personal skill. Seeing that I’m able to constantly get to areas even further than when I started makes me feel accomplished, and I feel like spells really do affect how you play, because I use them to increase Signature charge (Super Meter) so I can use it even more, relics do help a lot though even though people might not look at it, but it makes it so that you feel like you did something not the items that carried you through.

So if you guys want to play to for free on nintendo switch you can here:

Maps and Design: 5/10 not terrible, not great, can get repetative, but I still have fun overall no matter what map, for reference I would give Binding of Isaac a 7/10
Main Premise of Gameplay (Combat): 9-10/10 It’s really good and I would suggest anyone who plays games like Dark Souls to play because of difficulty and combat
Fairness: 8/10 I feel as if it is fair, but can be punishing to new players, however it does have some moments where you go “How was I supposed to get out of that?” A lot of those moments can be avoided by thinking into the future, it can be pretty tough when you are in the middle of all the heat
Music: 7/10 Good background music, probably won’t hear it much, but whenever I do I appreciate it
Story: 0/10 There is no story, but that doesn’t matter to me as nearly as much as gameplay

Overall: 9/10 for me, It’s incredibly fun, but super duper repetitive, I personally like repetative games a lot like Binding of Isaac and Gungeon, but the combonation of spells is so fun for me it just sells it because in Gungeon and Isaac the combat isn’t the best in my honest opinion, and the combat in Hyrule Warriors is too fun for me.

I do not recommend this game to people who dislike rogue-likes, semi-difficult games, non-story based games, and extremely repetitive/ grindy games.