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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is it fun?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, it is a blast. Combat is fluid, intuitive, and makes pvp really intense. The open world factions based (like WoW) pvp is always a good time. Can’t wait for the upcoming pvp content in the next week or two. Sidequests are actually fun, but if you want to get down and […]

You can now get State of Decay 2 for FREE!

TL;DR; The coop naruto/airbender roguelike game you’ve been secretly wishing for! Context: I’ve mostly played coop, only 2 hrs alone. I received this State of decay 2 from my friend as a birthday gift, and played together with my bro on his machine. The game is slightly easier with 2 players so we got the last […]

You can play Hyrule Warriors FOR FREE ON NINTENDO SWITCH!

I do recommend this game, but not to people who dislike repitition. Hyrule Warrior a rogue-like so I feel as if it is obvious, but I see a lot of people saying that the game is boring and you get it over with in less than in hour. If you like to actually play a […]

My Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review!

Here is an actual useful review of Mario Kart from a normal player: Singleplayer: Who cares about singleplayer lulz. Now to the relevent part: Mario Kart Online: – Insanely fun, unlimited possibilitys, tons of good missions and definetly the best game by far to mess around with your friends and just do random stuff. – Earning money […]

Minecraft: The Bucket, Getting and Using It

To easily control water and lava, you will need a bucket. A bucket is easy to get, but chances are you will need a lot of them to effectively use them. To get a bucket you will need three iron ingots, which can be found by mining iron ore with a stone pickaxe and smelting […]