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Battletech on steam – is it worth a buy?

I remember playing Battletech on the tabletop many years ago. This game captures that feel and goes far beyond. I wish I had seen the Kickstarter for this, as it is well worth an investment. The guys at Harebrained deserve a bonus. 10 hours in and I have barely scratched the surface of playability. The missions are fun, and with the beautiful graphics you have plenty to look at. The controls are easy to use and don’t take much time to get used to. The total customization of mechs and skills for the mechwarriors is awesome. I just cannot say enough good things about this game. If you like turn based games, you will love this one. I have not noticed a delay in graphics from shooting and explosions, it seems to occur about the same time for me. Running Windows 10 -1709, Geforce 1050, and 16GB RAM. Thank you so much for this game!!

Backed on Kickstarter as an instant-buy on announcement.
Fire and forget, because HBS has a positive history with my tastes.
Not concerned with a Paragon publishing choice for the same reason.

Tried backer beta, was stomped by AI in trial run, pleasantly surprised at the prospect of what I saw in the beta and resumed waiting.

If you didn’t back battletech on kickstarter you can still purchase it on steam or just get it for free here: battletech free

Game came out today, pre-loaded, read reviews and scratched head.
Unpacked, played, forgot everything people said.

I’m sorry if this isn’t your choice of game. It is mine, and I am satisfied with my purchase.
Another review called this a dad game, as a dad of grown children, I agree.

I hope you find a game you like better, I was looking for an old school Battletech game, and this delivers.

Something of an interim review, but: Having helped Kickstart this game some years back, I’ve been anticipating it for quite a while, and so far, I’m quite enjoying it.

Controls and UI are anywhere from mostly good (with some minor omissions in the MechBay) to downright excellent (in combat) and the AI is so far difficult enough to be challenging without being a complete pushover.

No technical issues, save that this might finally be what convinces me to upgrade my system – my over-four-year-old system is only slightly over min-spec; it can run it, but the load times and disk churn are pretty bad.