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God of War Review – PS4 2018

God of War comes pretty close to replacing God of War 2 as my favorite from the series. It has such a beautiful and fun open world to run around in. It constantly throws new objectives at you and leads you down multiple paths, that for the most part are pretty satisfying to complete. The buddy system is fine for what is, albeit a tad buggy at times. Earning perks is a little different from past games, as well as them really stripping down and simplifying the hunting and skinning mechanic. I love the character animation and how alive the world feels.. from swimming down a river, to mountain climbing, and from wingsuiting through trees to super punching bison in the face. It was just an all around chill experience. The entire game is open to play with a friend, and I still have plenty of side quests to complete post credits. I had a blast and I wonder where God of War will take us next.

This game has some optimization issues for me and some of my friends. I have a Geforce Gtx 970, Intel Core i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00 GHz with 16 GB of Ram and I have to run the game on medium because the game can get stuck at around 20 FPS just because I pressed tab to open up the map and all that. I also need V-Sync or else I will have screen tearing issues and I have a feeling V-Sync is causing the lag. But other than all that the game is good doesn’t feel like a re skin of God of War 3 but its still good!

God of War is great. I expected a boring re-release of GOW2 again, and instead got a great co-op experience with an intersting narrative regarding the cyclicle nature of voilence. The villian here isn’t as memorable, but he’s certainly more real than any of the previous bad guys in the series. Ubi also did away with a lot of the tedium from the previous games, such as tower climbing, and introduced a progression system that moves the game along at your pace. I recommend No matter what you decide to do or how you decide to play, if you guys do want to get this game for free, you can from this video: god of war free you can still go from boss to boss in each area. The freedom of this mechanic was incredibly refreshing, and I hope other games take notice.

Congrats Sony you did it with this one.