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Far Cry 5 Review!

First of all, credit where credit is due. Far Cry 5 is an absolutely fantastic game when it actually runs. And it most likely will run if you have a fairly standard PC/monitor setup. In that case, buy this game right now and support the devs. It’s beautiful, it’s fun, and it’s worth every penny of the full asking price. But if you have a weird setup (ie, multi-monitor, more than 60hz refresh rate, etc), then I can’t recommend purchasing until all the problems with it are patched out.

For the record, here is what I have to go through to make sure the game doesn’t either A) freeze my machine and splash a random color across each screen or B) crash my GPU drivers completely:

1) Set my 144Hz primary monitor to 60Hz in Nvidia Control Panel.
2) Unplug the HDMI connection to my third monitor (I’ve discovered that this is what’s responsible for the driver crashes)
3) Launch the game, set the display option to “Windowed” (No, not “Borderless Window”, because that crashes too).
4) Load my save file, walk around for 30 seconds to make sure the game isn’t going to shit itself and freeze my computer.
5) If it’s cooperating, I can restore fullscreen and play as long as I want (I’ve tested about an hour and a half so far). If not, I have to do a hard reset and try again.

And before people start going “Oh there’s just something wrong with your machine,” this was after doing the whole song and dance of clean uninstall/reinstalling GPU drivers, reseating the GPU and RAM, validating the game files, monitoring temps, underclocking, etc etc. No other game has ever crashed my machine like this, and I have *a lot* of games. It’s a problem with *this* game.

That being said, even having to do all of this, I am still not going to refund the game because I believe it is worth the price and the developers deserve the money. I will change my recommendation when these issues are patched. My friend did link me a video where you can get fc5 free 2018 though, I checked it out and it worked for me 🙂

Anyways… Back to the FC5 Review:

Currently 20hrs playthrough on Chapter 6. Probably less than half way through I believe.
How many games allow you to recruit over a hundred NPC?
My wish of getting a tactical war system from S2 isn’t fulfilled here, but what they offered is still as fun and challenging.
Kingdom building system. Lots of stuff to do here. Only thing I haven’t seen much is mini-games.
Apart from the similarities they have their own strength.
Artwork is gorgeous, not those you see in your typical action games anymore. Reminds me of Grand theft auto 5.
Combat is nice, but with a little grind seems kind of easy. A 3-man team that fights real-time. Only lacking is maybe commands for your teammate.
Music is great.
Storyline is great.

5/5 for Far Cry 5 from me! They just need to fix some of the optimization