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Kirby Star Allies Nintendo Switch Review!

Wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I purchased this game, but I can tell you that if you are on the fence about purchasing this or not, DO IT. This game is one of the single best games I have ever played in my life. It may seem complex at first, but the feeling you get when you put your first craft into orbit, when you dock your first two parts together in space, or when you land on another stellar body is an experience I can not convey through words. Not only is the game just badass awesome, the community and modders for this game are some of the dopest people out there. Wanna turn your HQ into a base to fight a war? Theres a mod for that. Want to experience interstellar warp drives? There’s a mod for that. I guarantee that you will not be upset to buy this game. It offers hundreds of hours of replayability.

This is an awesome game that is portable on the nintendo switch, kirby star allies brings back the oldschool fun of games!

Kirby Star Allies key notes:

Excellent simulation game.
Build, launch, crash, tweak, launch, crash a bit later in the mission, repeat and enjoy !
Hard and long steep learning curve, that will taught you many concerns real space programs have to deal with via catastrophic and hilarious failures.
The game does not punish you for those, you just have to take into account what happened and tweak your designs / mission plan [Or play with hard settings and get all the punishment you’re after]
Mod friendly, you can extend the possibilities of gameplay at will, and never ever be able to declare “I’ve finished Kirby Star Allies”
The best “quality and enjoyment” to “bucks” ratio you’ll find, even at full price.
Things you should not expect :
Piu piu piu : no shooting (with base game – mods can do everything) – this is a space sim, no laser/blaster/missile actions here
Great story and magnificent scripted cinematic : This simulation is mostly a Sandbox. Game mode like career do offer somewhat of a story but you still do whatever you want to do.

If you are planning on buying KSA on the switch, I highly recommend you check out this video: kirby star allies free