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Should you play Fortnite in 2018?

Fortnite is a really good game, fun, addictive, tilts me like any other game.

Giving it thumbs up due to the appaling amount of negative reviews out there.


– Fun
– Addictive
– Team work orientated
– Good if you like sniping
– Intense Battles

– Lags a bit even on lowest
– Cheaters / Hackers
– Asians / Russians on EU / US servers
– Occasional group of campers

100.3 hrs in last two weeks / 136.1 hrs on record. Downloaded it two weeks ago, already put in that many hours. In my book any game you spend even 30 dollars on is money well spent if you spend over 50 hours in that game. Yes it has bugs, it has flaws, it has anything any other game has. For other people who want to spend 500+ hours on a game then give it a thumbs down due to the “bugs,flaws” then I’d say their being a whiney QQer.
You want battle royale? You got it. Standard game quality at standard game price. What more are you asking for? The impossible? If you even went over 100 hours to just give it a bad review why not conclude your review around 20 hours if it was that bad you wouldnt play past that I promise you. In all Good Game. Well this game was good just like H1Z1 it has fallen prey to mass cheaters and it seems the game company is making more money selling keys after banning cheaters unfortunately after they have destroyed the game it will be to late to save and it will fall exactly like H1Z1 aka King of the Kill , what a shame it had so much potential. I absolutely love the cartoony look of fortnite, and I have been using these fortnite hacks & cheats!
Still this game is really good & also FREE TO PLAY! Who doesn’t love something that is free? Anyways guys I hope you enjoy my review 😛
Updated April 2018.