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GTA 5 for free? The ultimate REVIEW!

With over 2.5k hours on the game, I must say the game is great. I like both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, but the modders/hackers make life a living hell on multiplayer. I had most fun playing the game with a group of friends who helped each other in heists and stock sales. Making money can be a labour intensive, but the patience does ultimately pay off. But then again the whole idea is to force players to buy Shark Cards. The load time on this game is ridiculously long and I am surprised the game isn’t officially called “Loading Simulator.” Overall, it is a very good game and probably should play it and suggest it to your friends. Highly Recommended.

Lots of great elements in SP as well as MP. But the game is and has been plagued with countless bugs, a sheer endless amount of needless loading screens and general interface issues. In Sp its still reasonably fast and fun but in MP the loading screens can take ages especially coming back to public free roaming.
Online issues:
– The interface has not improved at all and only become worse through more content, contacts, buildings & vehicles to manage.
– Rockstar is apparently only concerned making more and more money through the sale of ingame money. By unimaginatively introducing more vehicles & buildings which are not only badly balanced but super expensive. Most of the things are not worth to do at all if they reward e.g. 10000 credits for 15+ minutes “work” while new things cost multiple millions. -> “forced” into repetitively playing the few things that earn you more money or spend real money (which they want you to)
– The Motorclub and CEO buisnesses are often designed to be done in a group and maybe sometimes lucrative if they work out for the owner but rarely for his group members. -> very low incentive for other to join your group or you to join theirs.
– the game tries to force you to play in public lobbies (many jobs can only be done there. While it is supereasy without any risk for others to interrupt/destroy your job progress. The game has very little incentive to play together rather than just screwing with everyone.
– In addition MP is plagued by cheaters and they largely dont do much against it as long as you dont cheat to much money (since that cuts into their earnings from selling shark cards)

However, this game is enjoyable with friends, GTA 5 is one of those games where you JUST have to play it, yes it might not be fun all the time, but it still is worth playing. The game costs $60 right now on steam, however I got it for free watching this video: How to get GTA 5 FREE! You can thank me later 😛