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My Terraria Review!

Terraria blends elements of building games and RPGs, in a unique experience that I have yet to see replicated. The game heavily relies on player preparation, be it before a boss fight or a mining expedition.
The main problem players may encounter is the chore of reorganising items and spending a lot of time scavenging in the early game.
This game has taken up so much of my time, and yet I can’t bring myself to play it anymore. playing this game takes motivation, but it’s an incredibly rewarding and unique experience.
So much of the developers’ hearts have been put into this game, it’s criminal to only play a few hours.

+ The game has many different options for players(Building, character, playstyle).
+ The gameplay is unique, rewarding preparation and coordination of armour and accessories.
+ There are many fun toys to mess around with it.

– There’s a lot of busy work involved, things like mining for early game armour and farming for accesssories.
– Late hardmode sees a lack of content, mostly consisting of moving onto the next boss while every other enemy becomes laughable.
– getting the right gear is uber-boring, meaning possible hours of killing the same enemies over and over.

4/5, but only because I’ve played it for so long. Be sure to check out this guys youtube channel, he does a guide on how to get Terraria free!

This game… I just can’t even describe the amount of content this game has. It’s a mixture of an indie game and then any really good game. It’s definitely not a really short game like most indie titles are. There is probably over +100 hours of content in this game. I started playing this with a friend trying to get from start to finish defeating the current final boss. We have had some bumps, dying… A LOT, BUT it is indeed a very fun game. I am amazed at how many people say this is a copy of Minecraft though. I have to admit that I enjoy Minecraft, but this has much MUCH more content than Minecraft does, unless your playing with mods, Minecraft doesn’t really have wings to fly around with, A jetpack, or maybe even rocket boots. Those are all items in the game you can get to fly

SO YES I recommend this game! 🙂