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Sims 4 review!

Ending Left abit to be desired but Overall Game was outstanding. Probably in the top 3 Games I have enjoyed the most and I’ve played alot of games. Its Rare for me to Get Hooked on a game so much I can’t wait to Get up or I’m always thinking about it but this was Definitely one of those. Story Is Great and the game has a good level of complexity some fights are really difficult and make you think alot about Setup/Builds/Strategy but it feels so good when you finally win those fights. Gear is Diverse and Interesting and allow for lots of character freedom. You can hybrid or focus purely on one or two specializations. Alot of content for your money could potentially take 80+ hours if you explore absolutely everything so Overall its a steal, Visuals aren’t fantastic but still an upgrade compared to sims 3! More than adequate there is only so much you can expect in that regard from a turn based game. If you like that style of game Definitely go buy it but even if not its worth a try for anyone because its that good!

It is all in all a great game and deserves praise.

While it seems technically not to be on the bleeding edge of what is currently possible does it run very smoothly and crash-free on a mid-range PC. This was a good decision by the developers and contributes much to the joy of the game. It’s definitely not a “blender” or a “graphics showcase”, but rather a wisely designed game engine to give players the best fun. One gets quickly into the game and does not have to play around with the game and its installation itself.

The game itself is a turn-based strategy and fantasy game about living life as a sim, which expects the player to often save and load the game. It is not the type of game most people like and find enjoyable to get into. Still, while being “heavy” on the nerdy side of gaming with a combat system as deeply complex as perhaps chess, does it surprise with out-standing voice acting and story telling. It is full of witty and non-trivial dialogues, which are all spoken with British English accents, making the game a delight to play and to follow through. I would heavily recommened buying sims if you like these types of games, personally i watched this video from this man: how to get sims 4 free – just follow his video tutorial and you’ll be able to download & play completely free!