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My ARK Review + How to get it for free

Crafting, killing, building, taming dinos. What else is there to say. I remember it like it was yesterday:
It was a cold day in the North West part of “The Island”. I had just left my base with my wyvren with 700% movement speed. I went for a fly. However to day was different. Today, would be the day, the my ark crashed right when I was flying over a giant herd of sabertooths. I hurriedly launched the game and logged back in, only to find that I had been eaten, and my wyvren, sadly having all his points pumped into movement speed, was a goner. I wasnt going to let me and my wyvren go avenged! I journey on foot through the artic lands! At last I found my body, the Saber tooths were gone. All that was there was a penguin! In a fit of rage I hit the penguin multiple times till it twas knocked out (because my loot de-spawned). It was unconscious, and I fed my wyvren to it. This penguin, level 5, would be my new wyvren! I pumped its stays into movement speed! I made it as fast as I could. As I advanced into ark, my base grew bigger and more crowded with dinos. My friend had logged on and I told him to get rid of the unnecessary dinos. I was afk for a few minutes and I hopped back into discord. only to discover that my friend had just traded my neighbors, I big ruthless tribe full of big dinos, that could tear our base apart in one attack! I ran over, and asked politely for my Penguin back. They said I could, and brought him to the front gate, where I was waiting, Then they unclaimed him. However today was not a good day. For some reason, it wouldn’t let me claim him. They said they didst know why. Poor penguin, his inventory had no food, and he was already bloody from starvation (or torture from those guys idk). I knew what had to be done. I hurriedly opened up google and typed the dreaded sentence: How to abort a level 14 penguin?”. There was no results but I knew that it was time. I took my c4 that I had brought along (I was anticipating having to trade for him” and i placed it along his feet. I looked him into the eyes, and said goodbye. I right clicked my mouse while holding my c4 remote. As I turned away I heard a big BOOOM. I didn’t dare turn around, fearing of seeing my sweat, sweat penguin, dead on the ground. Yes ARK is an amazing game, full of adventure. I enjoy it the most on ps4 & xbox, my pc can’t really handle it anymore. Would I recommend buying this game for the first time? Yes definitely, if don’t have the money for it, this guy has a video guide how to get it for free: ark free!