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How to get csgo for free + REVIEW!

It starts off incredibly fun at first, and will give you an insane rush in your first few matches. Winning your first match is a feeling that few things can compare too. But I’m going to tell you now, once the honeymoon phase wears off, this game QUICKLY stops being fun and you’ll begin to notice just how awful the quality of it is.

– The netcode in this game is absolutely atrocious, and is hugely abusable for players with a high ping. The extremely low tickrate and insane desync that results from it means that you’re constantly dying around corners a full second after taking cover – or worse, dumping half a magazine of full-auto assault rifle into someone as soon as they come around a corner, only to get onetapped by them mid-spray because they’d already come around the corner and shot you dead on their end two seconds ago, before you even saw them start moving on your end. No ping cap or region lock means players can queue for matches on servers halfway across the world and instantly get an insane amount of peeker’s advantage.

– There’s a huge cheater population in the game that has been there ever since SCGO started getting popular. Aimbot, wallhacks, recoil scripts, teaming in solo matches, the list goes on. VAC does next to nothing to stop this.

– There are still bugs galore that need to be fixed, some of which have been in the game since alpha. Randomly dying from fall damage just because you brushed up against the wrong wall/object, vehicles glitching into walls or flying into the stratosphere from the slightest collision (admittedly hilarious but still in need of fixing), hit registration being complete garbage – there’s just too many to list here.

But in their infinite wisdom, Balve decided to let all this go through to the release instead of actually making the game a release-ready product, likely for Christmas sales.

I do however recommend just getting this game for free, I followed this guide by RyzaTV! He gets free codes and sends them to you. This game is not worth the $10. Here is the video: How to get CS:GO FREE 🤑 [PC STEAM] [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FOR FREE]