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How was your Memorial Day Weekend?

You probably kept it healthy…burgers, beers and quality time with friends?


I decided to head 3 ½ hours north to Lake George, NY to change up the pace and scenery of New York City.

I took my own advice and decided that some much needed change would be a healthy approach to my Memorial Day weekend.

Come take a look at the buried treasure I found by the lake, how I eat healthy during vacation and why I am contemplating buying a 400 lb tire to keep in my apartment…

Welcome to Adirondeck Barbell…Sort of?

Home of Metal Militia and owned by bench press badass Bill Crawford.

Just so you get the idea of what I was in for…

When I arrived to Adirondeck Barbell there was no metal and no Bill. Just a sign and empty building…shit! Well, I came to get in a damn workout, so I figured I would improvise like any psychotic gym rat would do on a mini-vacation (please nod in agreement with me so I don’t feel like a douche). I figured maybe a door was unlocked in the back and maybe there was some old equipment inside or even outside in the back…

I’m wicked smart….

Sure enough, about 4 inches deep in the ground and covered with leaves was a custom built wooden log press and a giant 400 lb tire. More than enough to get a badass workout.

Can your grandfather whittle this???

I didn’t have my  flip camera… but here was my following circuit after a 25 minute run…

2x Clean and Press with log (the fact that it was water logged and full of carpenter ants made it difficult to perform more than a couple of reps at a time.)

20x Tire jumps

20x tire slams (each side) with a metal street sign pipe I found

15x One -Arm Lumberjack Press each side (with heavy stick; I wouldn’t make this shit up)

30x Feet elevated on tire push ups

Wipe dirt and ants off my forehead and repeat 3 more times

Followed this with some laps in the hotel pool…to clear any contact with poison ivy.

*If anyone knows or sees Bill, tell him I said thanks for letting me use his shit.

Bad Food-Are They Paying Me to Eat this Shit?!?

I’m not saying the food was terrible…but I will say you should pack a cooler…screw it, pack two!

We all know the struggles associated with trying to order healthy or substitute in healthy options on an unhealthy dish. Ultimately you wind up with a hybrid dish that taste like dog food…minus its delicious aftertaste.

How do I combat this?

Simple. I bring my own protein powder and vitamins (no, not to the restaurant) to mix up a few healthy shakes throughout the day. I find that most restaurants offer plain oats and egg substitutions that will make up a healthy breakfast. For lunch and dinner I try to keep it to a lean meat and veggies or a large mixed salad topped with whatever veggies they got.  If I can squeeze in a couple of shakes and some fruit in between all this then I’m happy.

But let’s be realistic here…I’m on a mini-vacation. I made sure to time a couple of cheat meals for the occasion. Ben & Jerry’s, a giant hamburger and a wine tasting weren’t off limits.

I still don’t know the friggin’ difference between merlot and pinto grigio besides the color.

Refresh…Sooo Fresh!

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your body and mind is, well, not a damn thing.

I slept later, tried different things to stimulate the mind and whooped major ass in mini golf at Pirates Cove…and yes, I use the black ball which symbolizes the ass-beating I will give anyone who challenges. I was shopping around and found one of these deodorants in a sprouts store, absolutely amazing stuff!

Arrr…You ready to get your ass whooped?

So next time you take a trip, remember to think outside the box for a new workout, pack some extra protein powder just in case the food sucks and refresh all your senses by not doing shit. Unless you call getting a hole-in-one on hole #17 for a free round doing something.