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Free Fornite Skins? Yes Please!

The game is very repetitive. Every round, the same thing happens again and again. You can decimate an enemy player in a few seconds, so you’ll find people staring at a wall waitng for the enemy to peek and hopefully, kill them faster than they can kill you. This just makes the extremely slow and repetitive. The weapon balance in this game is also horrible. There are many weapons in the game, but whats the point of using most of them? The only “good” weapons are the ak47 and the awp. If its not an eco or a save round, there is no point of buying any other weapon besides these two. However you should really check out this youtube video if you like fortnite skins, hes show you how to get this rare skin here: How To Get Skull Trooper Skin FREE

There are different mechanics in different fps games that makes them different and special. In fortnite, it’s the spray pattern and the slow nature of the game. The spray pattern is supposed to make the game harder, because you can’t consistently get headshots. However, in lower levels, the spray patterns are a complete joke. I see players aiming at the enemy’s feet and still getting headshots. I wouldn’t say i’m good, when i play competitve, i’m usually the only one on the team that knows how to properly place my crosshair.

And worst of all, the community. The community is absolutely terrible. People will literally kick you for the everything. People will try to kick you in CASUAL games for not clutching the game. How is a new player supposed to learn how to play the game properly if they just get kicked for not doing well?

Overall, i wouldn’t recommend this game. The gameplay gets boring and repetitve extremely quickly. If you’re new, you’ll spend most of your time dead, spectating the game, or kicked by some 10 year old that thinks they’re good!

Let’s Play Fortnite Save the World!

The game is “fine” in general. Although It’s a shame how limited it is. With no mod support system, the game simply becomes something you need to invest a lot of time into, which some of us simply do not have. Having the ability to play sandbox, being ACTUAL sandbox where you have everything unlocked, unlimited money, and everything the game has to offer in hand, would be ideal. I’ve played for 6 hours so far and I’ve have already gotten kind of bored with the results, since there aren’t many things that you can do, especially if you have to spend hours trying to progress. If you are thinking about purchasing the PvE missions on fornite, just quickly watch this video it will explain everything: save the world code!

– Graphics
– Monsters Details
– Streamlined Gameplay (if that’s your thing)
– Does feel like a new Operation Genesis

– Fairly easy once you understand the flow
– Very little interaction with park guests besides building locations
– Simplified park-building (no building variants and not a huge variety, little to no infrastructure setup)
– Some small features missing that may come as patches or DLC (multiple dinosaur combat? avian or aquatic species? building variety? A pause button or time control?)

Really disappointed with this game. Others have listed the many let downs, so I won’t go into depth, but looking at Planet Coaster (a fantastic park management and building game) and I look at this and I think what happened? This is the same developer?

The first thought about 15mins into the game was “wait, this is all of the unlockable buildings/customization options?”
The sheer lack of any kind of building customization and even simply implemented foliage designs was downright baffling. Save the world and the buildings therein are completely void of character design-wise and there is no option for prop placement such as benches, bins, individual trees etc.

I have refunded this game for now, but I would gladly re-purchase this in the future if it came even close to the level of freedom and customization level of the battle royale.

Get your FREE Jurassic World Evolution Key here!

Have you guys been enjoying all the these new game releases? Yes me too! Today I got my hands on a free key for Jurassic World Evolution this was working on steam, xbox and ps4. You simply follow this videos guide (below) and then you can freely download Jurassic world evolution!

Anyways, here is my review:

I LOVE the fact that you can bond a trust with a dino and train and ride him getting stuff is hard at first but get to level 30 and it will be a breeze farm grind kill tame near the end of the grind when you have flak and metal tools and guns it will get boring but them theres boss fights alot of your dinos will die some will live but its worth it
you will need some good specs to play this game so if you have a bad pc or laptop do not get this

I must already be a grizzled old man or something, but crafting games just bore ever loving shmingus out of me. I understand that Minecraft was a landmark game and eighty years from now, cyberchildren will still be placing down dirt blocks and looking for diamonds, but seriously now. I look upon the face of Jurassic World Evolution and I see nothing but glowing, empty disappointment. It wears the faces of its predecessors so proudly. It’s Rust. It’s Minecraft. It’s Jurassic Park. It stands on the shoulders of giants that’ve shaped the industry.

I have played are for some time but only in SP and when i have played MP its very frustrating as people are so far ahead but in saying that i ave found a server will very helpfull admins. PVE Mon – Fri and PVP at weekends but players will not wipe you out they are kind enough to leave passive Dinos alone and dont do to much damage so you have a fighting chance to rebuild and if your stuck they all do there best to help out if they have time.

It’s Minecraft with dinosaurs. None of it is interesting or entertaining.

Overall, Jurassic World Evolution is a great game, it has so much depth, and you can play for hours! It’s really well optimized to play with friends, and everthing can be customised to not be as grindy as the average game. My only problem is that it is quite difficult to run on a less powerful computer, but even if you have a laptop i5 like me, you can still run it on min graphics.

This is best way I have found to get free coins and stars on gardenscapes

I have been playing this game on my android device, gardenscapes is super addicting game and I am really enjoying it. I would love to show you this video I have watch recently…. It shows you the best gardenscapes hack and cheats you can use to get unlimited coins and stars!

Within my 10-hour gametime of Gardenscapes, I can safely say this game is worth the buy.

Now before you take off and evade my recommendation, hear me out on these pros and cons:

– General gameplay is solid and enjoyable
– Multiplayer
– Unique mechanics
– Doesn’t take a supercomputer to run; just any computer generally suited for gaming
– A small, but great soundtrack
– Developer has assured the game will continue to be updated

– Hunger and thirst must be attended to frequently
– Only threat in the game is a shark; respawns basically right after you kill it, so there’s no intermissions, really
~ The shark bait item keeps the shark away from you longer than it does to kill it and wait for it to respawn, which is a little disappointing

It’s clear to me that this game has made phenomenal headway since its Itch.io pre-alpha version. I’m amazed to see how far this game as come and I will be there to stick around as the game improves and updates. I’m glad there’s such a passionate developer with a game that has so much potential. It’s obvious this game has flaws, just like any other game, but as long as the developer is as open-minded as he is passionate, I can say confidently Gardenscapes will be an amazing game.

{ Gardenscapes contains approximately 10 hours of content as of version 1.01b }

Easily one of my favorite games here on Steam. I am a sucker for these types of open world survival games. You collect, create, and bulid. There really isn’t much to do but again it’s in early access and has litteraly been 2 weeks since release. All in all I recommend this game to anyone who likes open world survival games.

How to get Vampyr for FREE on PS4, XBOX & PC – STEAM

Had it on Pre-order and even decided to upgrade my PC so I could play it. So far the story is really good, and the skill tree is cool. The atmosphere and soundtrack are top notch quality, some of the best we have had in recent years. I was a little upset at all the negative reviews, most center around the somewhat clunky combat system. I wish it was a little more refined but it works fr this game. I hope they end up adding DLC quests later on so there will be more to do. Otherwise I am enjoying Vampyr so far!

I have played about two hours and overall really enjoying the game..
I think the graphics look good and it runs very well.
Story seems to be interesting enough as of right now.
Has a Sherlock Holmes type fell to it didn’t know what to think of it at first but enjyoing it now.
Combat so far is alright, nothing to flashy but still fun to do. I can see it getting better the more you level up.
Of course there is stuff they can improve on but still really enjoying the game… and also if you want to play it for free like do, just watch this video:

So far, I’ve been enjoying this game a lot, its fun and the main story is very intriguing as well as the side quests which i dont normally do in other games. The skill tree is not complicated, everything is simple. If you like dark gritty games with a good story then this is a must buy!

Overall: Vampyr is pretty and captivating. The theme of the game is very interesting being set in a gothic horror and it compliments the story with fluid movement and combat. Skills are intriguing and crafting keeps you looting. Began with the mindset to not kill any citizens, however  dont get the same respect.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is it fun?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, it is a blast.

Combat is fluid, intuitive, and makes pvp really intense. The open world factions based (like WoW) pvp is always a good time. Can’t wait for the upcoming pvp content in the next week or two.

Sidequests are actually fun, but if you want to get down and dirty you can just start killing anything and automatically recieve a quest to kill that monster. (Pretty great honestly if you just wanna practice your skills and not worry about going to find a quest for a specific monster, you also can gain dungeon points doing these)

Pet system is awesome, hilarious, and adds quite a bit of depth to the game. There are a crazy amount of pets/mounts to tame. You can upgrade pets to gain different abilities, and the same goes with mounts. You use other pets as an ingredient, but it can be a little grindy (it is an mmo).

This is a fun game regardless of the amount of content it launched with or the issues that it had. I am having fun with the classes and as a fan of tab target MMOs, I feel right at home in Harry potter with an added bonus of the combo chain system which is amazing and adds depth to the combat. The leveling and story has been fun and I have tried multiple classes as well as races from each faction on different servers of course, I’ve also been using these Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats when playing, it just makes the game soooooo much fun!

Talents are really fun, and what you craft is actually valuable/worthwhile. (There is also a secret resource dungeon you can find randomly to aid in crafting (; )

Gear can be upgraded and infused, and talent upgrades allow you to shred even more noobs. It also looks great, and there aren’t just a ton of reskins of similar items. There could be more sets, but what is there is very nice.

I just hope they add more content like they say they are going to, as I will be here for awhile.

Only complaint is nerf guardian, and add more stuff. (Classes, levels, end game content)

I hope the community doesn’t let such a beauty die, I’d love to see this game flower into its full potential.

Oh and go Gryffindor!

You can now get State of Decay 2 for FREE!

TL;DR; The coop naruto/airbender roguelike game you’ve been secretly wishing for!

Context: I’ve mostly played coop, only 2 hrs alone.

I received this State of decay 2 from my friend as a birthday gift, and played together with my bro on his machine. The game is slightly easier with 2 players so we got the last boss in about 10ish hours. Best weekend we’ve had in years.

  • Tight control, very satisfying combat action. The game feel great to just move around. Keyboard + mouse work best with long range playstyle, controllers work best with melee playstyle. Both are totally viable.
  • Hundred of arcanas to choose from! And they’re well designed, not the stupid space-fillers you see in many games.
  • Great difficulty/level design with a lot of “Oh shi…” moments that’s the source of couch-multiplayer fun.
  • Short but cool story.
  • You can download state of decay for free:


  • Not many (any?) secrets. More variety in growth acquision would be nice. There’s a long wall of NPCs portrait in game but only 3 of them are visible. Hopefully the developers put them there as placeholder for more planned.
  • You have to fight each other after every single boss. That’s 3 times per run. And you gain nothing from it. It’s extremely irritating when you’re trying to push content as teammates the game keep forcing you to fight each other.
  • The only meaningful starting item is the one which help you get more items ingame (midas, VIP card etc). Some items have nice combo together but you don’t really have any control over it. Allowing 2 or 3 starting items would be nice, or just don’t allow any starting item at all.

You can play Hyrule Warriors FOR FREE ON NINTENDO SWITCH!

I do recommend this game, but not to people who dislike repitition.

Hyrule Warrior a rogue-like so I feel as if it is obvious, but I see a lot of people saying that the game is boring and you get it over with in less than in hour. If you like to actually play a rogue-like you tend to be used to repetition. A lot of people that I see say that the room variety is bad, which it is, there aren’t a lot of rooms that are different, but if you think about it Binding of Isaac and Gungeon is similar to that, which is not a bad thing. I’ve played a bit of Isaac, but not too much Gungeon, but I remember seeing the same room over and over and over again. I will agree that room layout isn’t really the best and could have more variety, but for now it’s just great I do hope for DLC for more rooms and stuff.

As for the bosses, I do think that the bosses are a bit repititious. Fighting the same three bosses over and over again can get boring, but it never fails to entertain me, fighting them at different levels in the game make them more difficult, they do more attacks before they can be stunned, they do more damage and have a faster attack speed, they get stunned for less, and they also get more moves. Bosses could be improved along with rooms.

The combat is the main reason why I bought the game, it’s so good, it’s actually the same reason why I love Dark Souls and dislike the Elderscrolls. Combat can be such a dissapointing part of a game, but this game doesn’t dissapoint at all, it’s very fast pace and you have to think for a split second to do anything, extremely fast paced. Not only that but the different spell combonations are really REALLY good. I’ve seen that people don’t like how you can’t combine spells like in Magika, but I don’t really see the problem. The real reason you want to use combat is to use all of your spells in an order that makes a combo that can do a lot of damage, then dodging, then fighting again once the enemy gives your and opportunity or when your spells are off cooldown. In Hyrule Warriors, I have been using the same spell combo for the past 2 days straight and I haven’t gotten bored of it, the builds you can make are not the best in variety, but also create some really nice synergies out there.

One more thing before the scorings, people complain that the spells they get during a run may not alter their run making them feel just as strong at the start and end of a run, I can see why people don’t like that, people like to see improvement, however for me I like to see improvement in personal skill. Seeing that I’m able to constantly get to areas even further than when I started makes me feel accomplished, and I feel like spells really do affect how you play, because I use them to increase Signature charge (Super Meter) so I can use it even more, relics do help a lot though even though people might not look at it, but it makes it so that you feel like you did something not the items that carried you through.

So if you guys want to play to for free on nintendo switch you can here:

Maps and Design: 5/10 not terrible, not great, can get repetative, but I still have fun overall no matter what map, for reference I would give Binding of Isaac a 7/10
Main Premise of Gameplay (Combat): 9-10/10 It’s really good and I would suggest anyone who plays games like Dark Souls to play because of difficulty and combat
Fairness: 8/10 I feel as if it is fair, but can be punishing to new players, however it does have some moments where you go “How was I supposed to get out of that?” A lot of those moments can be avoided by thinking into the future, it can be pretty tough when you are in the middle of all the heat
Music: 7/10 Good background music, probably won’t hear it much, but whenever I do I appreciate it
Story: 0/10 There is no story, but that doesn’t matter to me as nearly as much as gameplay

Overall: 9/10 for me, It’s incredibly fun, but super duper repetitive, I personally like repetative games a lot like Binding of Isaac and Gungeon, but the combonation of spells is so fun for me it just sells it because in Gungeon and Isaac the combat isn’t the best in my honest opinion, and the combat in Hyrule Warriors is too fun for me.

I do not recommend this game to people who dislike rogue-likes, semi-difficult games, non-story based games, and extremely repetitive/ grindy games.

My Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review!

Here is an actual useful review of Mario Kart from a normal player:
Singleplayer: Who cares about singleplayer lulz.
Now to the relevent part: Mario Kart Online:
– Insanely fun, unlimited possibilitys, tons of good missions and definetly the best game by far to mess around with your friends and just do random stuff.
– Earning money is ULTRA EASY in this game, you don’t need to hack or buy shark cards in order to get rich af in a few days. You will almost have any item you want instantly once you do “Import/Export” Missions.
– There are a lot, A LOT, of modders (around 50% of the players are hacking), but in 90% of the sessions they won’t bother you and you can enjoy playing the game.
– There are weekly discounts on lot of items, so it’s even easier to get lot of cool stuff fast

To summarize this: I’d totally recommend buying MK8, it’s really beginner friendly, you can make easy money, have lot of fun and you don’t have to worry about anything what the other reviews said because 95% of the Mario Kart 8 Online players are simply too bad for the game and think it’s the games fault. There are enough tutorials out there if you need further instructions on something. The game is amazing, the community amazingly dumb. Also guys, if you are looking at playing mario kart for free on nintendo switch or wii you should check out this tutorial: How to get Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for FREE!

It is the best goddamn game ever! There are so many good points that I can’t name all of them here, but if I ever do get innocently banned by Nintendo like some players rencently have, I wouldnt be angry because the journey this game gave me and is still giving me was and will always be amazing! 10/10 no doubt

8/10, highly recommended.

Minecraft: The Bucket, Getting and Using It

To easily control water and lava, you will need a bucket. A bucket is easy to get, but chances are you will need a lot of them to effectively use them.
To get a bucket you will need three iron ingots, which can be found by mining iron ore with a stone pickaxe and smelting it in a furnace. To craft a bucket you will need to place the three ingots on your workbench in a “U” formation.

With a bucket you can collect and place water and lava. This is important because these two substances have many uses. For example, if water hits lava the two combine into obsidian or cobblestone (depending on if the water hits a source block or running lava). Both substances can be used to make a moat to protect against creepers, especially lava since it also qualifies as a light source. Lava can be used to make artificial landmarks more visible. Water can be used to make elevators. Lava can be used to make an incinerator. Water can be used to make a rivers for fast boat transportation. Lava can be used as the best furnace fuel in the game. Water can be used to douse yourself if you get set on fire. Lava can be used as a weapon against enemies.

As you can see, buckets are an incredibly useful tool, but you will need a large number of them if you wish to carry enough supplies to do everything you need to do. I usually carry at least five with me in case I need to reroute a bunch of water or quickly solidify a bunch of lava so I can cross. Also, since lava can be hard to come by sometimes, it’s wise to carry several buckets of it around with you when you’re on the surface where water is abundant… or just use a mcpe cheat to get all the items in minecraft!

One of the most spectacular uses of water I have seen, this is a building idea, was a gigantic water slide that reached from the top of the map and dropped down into a gigantic cavern at the bottom of the map that must have taken ages to mine out and fill with water.

Another building idea that might be fun to do would be to make a lava fall that feeds into a “factory.” Having the lava nearby would make it easy to get furnace fuel and the lava stream would make it so you would need substantially fewer torches. If you guys are interested in playing minecraft check out this guide by watching this video: how to get minecraft for free!