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Fortnite Save the World for FREE? I’ll show you how!

Let me be clear: this game is NOT a quick reskin or a money grab. It has been built from the ground up in a brand new engine with lots of love and it looks phenomenal – videos don’t do it any justice. It runs beautifully on my GTX970, and the textures are all so crisp and sharp that sometimes I find myself leaning in to take a closer look at it (I can’t see any flaws – this is on a 27″ monitor at 1440p.)

Also, the entire soundtrack has been upheaved and remastered and while staying true to the original – truly one of the best soundtracks in video games, and the reworked voice acting is pretty good too (I preferred the original, but hey.)  I absouetely love the building aspect of the game, Epic games is truly changing the industry when it comes to free to play gaming! However, Save the World does actually cost real life money unlike the battle royale version. I did find a video online though of how you can actually get a free code here: save the world free

What a time to be living in… I can’t believe its been a good 20 years since the originals first came out, and here we are again. It almost brings a (manly) tear to the eye reliving these childhood memories…

For $40 USD, Fortnite STW is a STEAL. With perfect optimization, stunning visuals, and the same old gameplay that most of us are familiar with, it’s worth every penny. And I can’t recommend it enough!

This review will be updated once I finish each game

Does Android support Fortnite? Yes I’ll show you how to play!

Android users have been in the dust when it comes to Fornite, however this video has recently went live showing a way how to play fortnite on the Android OS! This confirmed to be working… Check the video here: fortnite android download

Here’s our review of the game on the Android device:

They say, if you have played CSGO, this game will be easy for you. This game is an absolute crap, with no proper weapon recoil and aim. Not like usual shooting games. Full of hackers. But, It’s my favorite Battle Royale. It’s fun playing and kind of addictive, especially when playing with 1,2 or 3 Friends in the various team formats. But beware some learning curve, so if you are not into learning a lot of mechanics don’t buy! You may also need some fun in playing the “same” game over and over – similar to MOBAs like DotA or LoL.

With 220 hours on this game, I think I am somewhat able to give a review on this game.
Overall, I personaly enjoy this game a lot. but just because i enjoy this game, that doesnt mean that it’s a good game. Epic Games, in my opinion, has taken some questionable and bad choices on the game. here are some of the flaws of Epic and what they did to this game.
– Battle pass with a broken system. Why am I getting items that I am going to end up getting taken away?
– Battle pass missions are extremly boring. Its gotting to the point of killing my own teamates to revive them.
– Doesnt know how to deal with hacking. (yea i know region lock will help, but I think getting a better anti-cheat system will have the same affect and benefit the game.)
– Adds content instead of fixing the game.
– Epic Games pretty much put duct tape over the mouth of the community.
– For some reason, they took out map select.
– Desperatly calls out fortnite for copying, unironically.
In conclusion, I really enjoy this game and i think this game can potentially be better then what it is. If only bluehole can pull a u-turn and fix up the game.




Fortnite on the Xbox 360? I got it….

Don’t believe me? Yes i got Fortnite on the xbox 360. Simply watch the youtube video: fortnite xbox 360 – it’s as easy as that!

Here’s my review of Fortnite (Epic Games) Xbox 360 Gameplay

This was the best “Royale” game until they ruined their hook and made Legendary weapons a random drop instead of making the player earn it. This is game breaking and is literally the only negative review I’ve made. Change it back and I’ll fix my review.

This game is bad even by free to play standards, i’m no fortnite fanboy either. the game is poorly balance (mage and engennieer are way too op). The graphics look actualy horrendous and the gun play is worst than that of minecraft.
im not asking hi-rez to make the game better, im asking them to kill this excuse for a game.

Was an amazing game until you single handedly killed it with this new patch smh… removing forging which is the foundation of what made this game great has to be one of the worst things you could have done. revert forging or rip game. another rng game appealing to bad players.

This game was extremely fun. One of the best aspects was it immediately rewarded aggressive play and fighting was by far the best way to gear up and get ahead of the competition. If you were playing it safe, staying out of fights and looting the entire game, you would not be as strong as someone who went around doing nothing but hunting other players and forges.

As of the most recent patch where you can find legendary weapons in the very first chest you loot in the game. The gameplay is broken. It’s currently rewarding people for doing nothing but running around looting chests until you get a legendary weapon before you fight. The “Fun” aspect in this game is gone with the most recent patch; which an overwhelming majority of players over forums, reddit and discord communities all agree with. Until this patch is reverted, the game is just another BR with absolutely nothing good going for it.

My Favorite skin on fortnite! + Fortnite Review

Who can guess it? Yes the love ranger skin with the wings! It’s without a doubt my favorite skin on Fornite Battle Royale. Have a look at this showcase video of theskin, he will show you how to get it for free: how to get love ranger fortnite skin!

Anyways guys, if you are interested in playing fortnite, please check out my review below!

If i wrote this review a patch ago i would have recommended this game… it was fun and getting kills early and being aggressive rather than hiding on the outskirts of the map was rewarding and gave you a well deserved advantage by being able to forge your legendary class gun earlier than that hid and gained their armor up over time and come end game still dont have their class gun… however now it rewards the people that hide on the outskirts to gather gear over time because they removed the ability to forge class legendary and instead you can now find them in chest randomly… their reasoning was that players that RISKED forging legendaries early were too overpowered and outscaled the armor gathering…. like really? thats their excuse… so having to fight for your legendary class weapon and risk dying while forging it is overpowered… where as upon landing opening your first chest and finding not 1 but 2 legendary class weapons with no effort isnt??? seriously the devs of this game either 1. do not play their games… or 2. are complete and listening to the 10 year old kids that complain they never get a legendary weapon on fortnite because they are not good enough to get a kill…. but thats not all…. they have added AUTOMATIC RIFLES to the game which are hard to find (havent found one in 15+ games) and when you do find one you can 1v99 the server with spray to win mechanics… oh and hitscan guns… enough said there…. all in all they seem to be ruining their game… however it is still not a full game so they could indeed correct some of their mistakes by balancing said weapons and most importantly making kills early on rewarding rather than useless…. but fortnite is free, so give it a go!

THE NEW Pterodactyl Glider IN FORTNITE!

YO GUYS! Epic Games just dropped the new Pterodactyl Glider and it’s awesome. It is a really big skin that matches the other dinosaur skins in fortnite. Here is our FULL review of it on youtube: Pterodactyl Glider – Make sure to like, comment and subscribe 😉

So apart from skins, who else is enjoying fortnite?

Fortnite is a new and creative spin on royale games. The game allows players to have more movement than the other royale games. There are different classes to choose from before the game starts. Each class has its own uniqueness to the playing field. The classes all have different class weapons and abilities that only that class can use. There of course is still weapons every class can use. Making the game more fair is the aspect of forging. You collect shards from items you do not want from chests and can forge the best armor, abilities, and weapons. only the best can survive and win this game. If you get downed avoid enemies until the timer runs out, but don’t get downed to more than three times otherwise it is game over. Really Fun game just wish there was more to it like some skins and maybe a few special things like special armor or something that makes the player special or make it so it shows people hes played and earned his way up to the top.

Fortnite is really good, i havent played it that much but from what ive seen its really well made. Dont think this a bad game just because it was developed by epic games studios (developers of paladins). i did see some problems with structures so there goes some feedback from devs.

Overall I highly recommend you guys to check out Fortnite and also some of the cool new skins they are dropping everyday!

Free Fornite Skins? Yes Please!

The game is very repetitive. Every round, the same thing happens again and again. You can decimate an enemy player in a few seconds, so you’ll find people staring at a wall waitng for the enemy to peek and hopefully, kill them faster than they can kill you. This just makes the extremely slow and repetitive. The weapon balance in this game is also horrible. There are many weapons in the game, but whats the point of using most of them? The only “good” weapons are the ak47 and the awp. If its not an eco or a save round, there is no point of buying any other weapon besides these two. However you should really check out this youtube video if you like fortnite skins, hes show you how to get this rare skin here: How To Get Skull Trooper Skin FREE

There are different mechanics in different fps games that makes them different and special. In fortnite, it’s the spray pattern and the slow nature of the game. The spray pattern is supposed to make the game harder, because you can’t consistently get headshots. However, in lower levels, the spray patterns are a complete joke. I see players aiming at the enemy’s feet and still getting headshots. I wouldn’t say i’m good, when i play competitve, i’m usually the only one on the team that knows how to properly place my crosshair.

And worst of all, the community. The community is absolutely terrible. People will literally kick you for the everything. People will try to kick you in CASUAL games for not clutching the game. How is a new player supposed to learn how to play the game properly if they just get kicked for not doing well?

Overall, i wouldn’t recommend this game. The gameplay gets boring and repetitve extremely quickly. If you’re new, you’ll spend most of your time dead, spectating the game, or kicked by some 10 year old that thinks they’re good!

This is best way I have found to get free coins and stars on gardenscapes

I have been playing this game on my android device, gardenscapes is super addicting game and I am really enjoying it. I would love to show you this video I have watch recently…. It shows you the best gardenscapes hack and cheats you can use to get unlimited coins and stars!

Within my 10-hour gametime of Gardenscapes, I can safely say this game is worth the buy.

Now before you take off and evade my recommendation, hear me out on these pros and cons:

– General gameplay is solid and enjoyable
– Multiplayer
– Unique mechanics
– Doesn’t take a supercomputer to run; just any computer generally suited for gaming
– A small, but great soundtrack
– Developer has assured the game will continue to be updated

– Hunger and thirst must be attended to frequently
– Only threat in the game is a shark; respawns basically right after you kill it, so there’s no intermissions, really
~ The shark bait item keeps the shark away from you longer than it does to kill it and wait for it to respawn, which is a little disappointing

It’s clear to me that this game has made phenomenal headway since its Itch.io pre-alpha version. I’m amazed to see how far this game as come and I will be there to stick around as the game improves and updates. I’m glad there’s such a passionate developer with a game that has so much potential. It’s obvious this game has flaws, just like any other game, but as long as the developer is as open-minded as he is passionate, I can say confidently Gardenscapes will be an amazing game.

{ Gardenscapes contains approximately 10 hours of content as of version 1.01b }

Easily one of my favorite games here on Steam. I am a sucker for these types of open world survival games. You collect, create, and bulid. There really isn’t much to do but again it’s in early access and has litteraly been 2 weeks since release. All in all I recommend this game to anyone who likes open world survival games.

How to get Vampyr for FREE on PS4, XBOX & PC – STEAM

Had it on Pre-order and even decided to upgrade my PC so I could play it. So far the story is really good, and the skill tree is cool. The atmosphere and soundtrack are top notch quality, some of the best we have had in recent years. I was a little upset at all the negative reviews, most center around the somewhat clunky combat system. I wish it was a little more refined but it works fr this game. I hope they end up adding DLC quests later on so there will be more to do. Otherwise I am enjoying Vampyr so far!

I have played about two hours and overall really enjoying the game..
I think the graphics look good and it runs very well.
Story seems to be interesting enough as of right now.
Has a Sherlock Holmes type fell to it didn’t know what to think of it at first but enjyoing it now.
Combat so far is alright, nothing to flashy but still fun to do. I can see it getting better the more you level up.
Of course there is stuff they can improve on but still really enjoying the game… and also if you want to play it for free like do, just watch this video:

So far, I’ve been enjoying this game a lot, its fun and the main story is very intriguing as well as the side quests which i dont normally do in other games. The skill tree is not complicated, everything is simple. If you like dark gritty games with a good story then this is a must buy!

Overall: Vampyr is pretty and captivating. The theme of the game is very interesting being set in a gothic horror and it compliments the story with fluid movement and combat. Skills are intriguing and crafting keeps you looting. Began with the mindset to not kill any citizens, however  dont get the same respect.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is it fun?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, it is a blast.

Combat is fluid, intuitive, and makes pvp really intense. The open world factions based (like WoW) pvp is always a good time. Can’t wait for the upcoming pvp content in the next week or two.

Sidequests are actually fun, but if you want to get down and dirty you can just start killing anything and automatically recieve a quest to kill that monster. (Pretty great honestly if you just wanna practice your skills and not worry about going to find a quest for a specific monster, you also can gain dungeon points doing these)

Pet system is awesome, hilarious, and adds quite a bit of depth to the game. There are a crazy amount of pets/mounts to tame. You can upgrade pets to gain different abilities, and the same goes with mounts. You use other pets as an ingredient, but it can be a little grindy (it is an mmo).

This is a fun game regardless of the amount of content it launched with or the issues that it had. I am having fun with the classes and as a fan of tab target MMOs, I feel right at home in Harry potter with an added bonus of the combo chain system which is amazing and adds depth to the combat. The leveling and story has been fun and I have tried multiple classes as well as races from each faction on different servers of course, I’ve also been using these Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats when playing, it just makes the game soooooo much fun!

Talents are really fun, and what you craft is actually valuable/worthwhile. (There is also a secret resource dungeon you can find randomly to aid in crafting (; )

Gear can be upgraded and infused, and talent upgrades allow you to shred even more noobs. It also looks great, and there aren’t just a ton of reskins of similar items. There could be more sets, but what is there is very nice.

I just hope they add more content like they say they are going to, as I will be here for awhile.

Only complaint is nerf guardian, and add more stuff. (Classes, levels, end game content)

I hope the community doesn’t let such a beauty die, I’d love to see this game flower into its full potential.

Oh and go Gryffindor!

You can now get State of Decay 2 for FREE!

TL;DR; The coop naruto/airbender roguelike game you’ve been secretly wishing for!

Context: I’ve mostly played coop, only 2 hrs alone.

I received this State of decay 2 from my friend as a birthday gift, and played together with my bro on his machine. The game is slightly easier with 2 players so we got the last boss in about 10ish hours. Best weekend we’ve had in years.

  • Tight control, very satisfying combat action. The game feel great to just move around. Keyboard + mouse work best with long range playstyle, controllers work best with melee playstyle. Both are totally viable.
  • Hundred of arcanas to choose from! And they’re well designed, not the stupid space-fillers you see in many games.
  • Great difficulty/level design with a lot of “Oh shi…” moments that’s the source of couch-multiplayer fun.
  • Short but cool story.
  • You can download state of decay for free:


  • Not many (any?) secrets. More variety in growth acquision would be nice. There’s a long wall of NPCs portrait in game but only 3 of them are visible. Hopefully the developers put them there as placeholder for more planned.
  • You have to fight each other after every single boss. That’s 3 times per run. And you gain nothing from it. It’s extremely irritating when you’re trying to push content as teammates the game keep forcing you to fight each other.
  • The only meaningful starting item is the one which help you get more items ingame (midas, VIP card etc). Some items have nice combo together but you don’t really have any control over it. Allowing 2 or 3 starting items would be nice, or just don’t allow any starting item at all.