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Battletech on steam – is it worth a buy?

I remember playing Battletech on the tabletop many years ago. This game captures that feel and goes far beyond. I wish I had seen the Kickstarter for this, as it is well worth an investment. The guys at Harebrained deserve a bonus. 10 hours in and I have barely scratched the surface of playability. The missions are fun, and with the beautiful graphics you have plenty to look at. The controls are easy to use and don’t take much time to get used to. The total customization of mechs and skills for the mechwarriors is awesome. I just cannot say enough good things about this game. If you like turn based games, you will love this one. I have not noticed a delay in graphics from shooting and explosions, it seems to occur about the same time for me. Running Windows 10 -1709, Geforce 1050, and 16GB RAM. Thank you so much for this game!!

Backed on Kickstarter as an instant-buy on announcement.
Fire and forget, because HBS has a positive history with my tastes.
Not concerned with a Paragon publishing choice for the same reason.

Tried backer beta, was stomped by AI in trial run, pleasantly surprised at the prospect of what I saw in the beta and resumed waiting.

If you didn’t back battletech on kickstarter you can still purchase it on steam or just get it for free here: battletech free

Game came out today, pre-loaded, read reviews and scratched head.
Unpacked, played, forgot everything people said.

I’m sorry if this isn’t your choice of game. It is mine, and I am satisfied with my purchase.
Another review called this a dad game, as a dad of grown children, I agree.

I hope you find a game you like better, I was looking for an old school Battletech game, and this delivers.

Something of an interim review, but: Having helped Kickstart this game some years back, I’ve been anticipating it for quite a while, and so far, I’m quite enjoying it.

Controls and UI are anywhere from mostly good (with some minor omissions in the MechBay) to downright excellent (in combat) and the AI is so far difficult enough to be challenging without being a complete pushover.

No technical issues, save that this might finally be what convinces me to upgrade my system – my over-four-year-old system is only slightly over min-spec; it can run it, but the load times and disk churn are pretty bad.

God of War Review – PS4 2018

God of War comes pretty close to replacing God of War 2 as my favorite from the series. It has such a beautiful and fun open world to run around in. It constantly throws new objectives at you and leads you down multiple paths, that for the most part are pretty satisfying to complete. The buddy system is fine for what is, albeit a tad buggy at times. Earning perks is a little different from past games, as well as them really stripping down and simplifying the hunting and skinning mechanic. I love the character animation and how alive the world feels.. from swimming down a river, to mountain climbing, and from wingsuiting through trees to super punching bison in the face. It was just an all around chill experience. The entire game is open to play with a friend, and I still have plenty of side quests to complete post credits. I had a blast and I wonder where God of War will take us next.

This game has some optimization issues for me and some of my friends. I have a Geforce Gtx 970, Intel Core i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00 GHz with 16 GB of Ram and I have to run the game on medium because the game can get stuck at around 20 FPS just because I pressed tab to open up the map and all that. I also need V-Sync or else I will have screen tearing issues and I have a feeling V-Sync is causing the lag. But other than all that the game is good doesn’t feel like a re skin of God of War 3 but its still good!

God of War is great. I expected a boring re-release of GOW2 again, and instead got a great co-op experience with an intersting narrative regarding the cyclicle nature of voilence. The villian here isn’t as memorable, but he’s certainly more real than any of the previous bad guys in the series. Ubi also did away with a lot of the tedium from the previous games, such as tower climbing, and introduced a progression system that moves the game along at your pace. I recommend No matter what you decide to do or how you decide to play, if you guys do want to get this game for free, you can from this video: god of war free you can still go from boss to boss in each area. The freedom of this mechanic was incredibly refreshing, and I hope other games take notice.

Congrats Sony you did it with this one.

Far Cry 5 Review!

First of all, credit where credit is due. Far Cry 5 is an absolutely fantastic game when it actually runs. And it most likely will run if you have a fairly standard PC/monitor setup. In that case, buy this game right now and support the devs. It’s beautiful, it’s fun, and it’s worth every penny of the full asking price. But if you have a weird setup (ie, multi-monitor, more than 60hz refresh rate, etc), then I can’t recommend purchasing until all the problems with it are patched out.

For the record, here is what I have to go through to make sure the game doesn’t either A) freeze my machine and splash a random color across each screen or B) crash my GPU drivers completely:

1) Set my 144Hz primary monitor to 60Hz in Nvidia Control Panel.
2) Unplug the HDMI connection to my third monitor (I’ve discovered that this is what’s responsible for the driver crashes)
3) Launch the game, set the display option to “Windowed” (No, not “Borderless Window”, because that crashes too).
4) Load my save file, walk around for 30 seconds to make sure the game isn’t going to shit itself and freeze my computer.
5) If it’s cooperating, I can restore fullscreen and play as long as I want (I’ve tested about an hour and a half so far). If not, I have to do a hard reset and try again.

And before people start going “Oh there’s just something wrong with your machine,” this was after doing the whole song and dance of clean uninstall/reinstalling GPU drivers, reseating the GPU and RAM, validating the game files, monitoring temps, underclocking, etc etc. No other game has ever crashed my machine like this, and I have *a lot* of games. It’s a problem with *this* game.

That being said, even having to do all of this, I am still not going to refund the game because I believe it is worth the price and the developers deserve the money. I will change my recommendation when these issues are patched. My friend did link me a video where you can get fc5 free 2018 though, I checked it out and it worked for me 🙂

Anyways… Back to the FC5 Review:

Currently 20hrs playthrough on Chapter 6. Probably less than half way through I believe.
How many games allow you to recruit over a hundred NPC?
My wish of getting a tactical war system from S2 isn’t fulfilled here, but what they offered is still as fun and challenging.
Kingdom building system. Lots of stuff to do here. Only thing I haven’t seen much is mini-games.
Apart from the similarities they have their own strength.
Artwork is gorgeous, not those you see in your typical action games anymore. Reminds me of Grand theft auto 5.
Combat is nice, but with a little grind seems kind of easy. A 3-man team that fights real-time. Only lacking is maybe commands for your teammate.
Music is great.
Storyline is great.

5/5 for Far Cry 5 from me! They just need to fix some of the optimization

Kirby Star Allies Nintendo Switch Review!

Wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I purchased this game, but I can tell you that if you are on the fence about purchasing this or not, DO IT. This game is one of the single best games I have ever played in my life. It may seem complex at first, but the feeling you get when you put your first craft into orbit, when you dock your first two parts together in space, or when you land on another stellar body is an experience I can not convey through words. Not only is the game just badass awesome, the community and modders for this game are some of the dopest people out there. Wanna turn your HQ into a base to fight a war? Theres a mod for that. Want to experience interstellar warp drives? There’s a mod for that. I guarantee that you will not be upset to buy this game. It offers hundreds of hours of replayability.

This is an awesome game that is portable on the nintendo switch, kirby star allies brings back the oldschool fun of games!

Kirby Star Allies key notes:

Excellent simulation game.
Build, launch, crash, tweak, launch, crash a bit later in the mission, repeat and enjoy !
Hard and long steep learning curve, that will taught you many concerns real space programs have to deal with via catastrophic and hilarious failures.
The game does not punish you for those, you just have to take into account what happened and tweak your designs / mission plan [Or play with hard settings and get all the punishment you’re after]
Mod friendly, you can extend the possibilities of gameplay at will, and never ever be able to declare “I’ve finished Kirby Star Allies”
The best “quality and enjoyment” to “bucks” ratio you’ll find, even at full price.
Things you should not expect :
Piu piu piu : no shooting (with base game – mods can do everything) – this is a space sim, no laser/blaster/missile actions here
Great story and magnificent scripted cinematic : This simulation is mostly a Sandbox. Game mode like career do offer somewhat of a story but you still do whatever you want to do.

If you are planning on buying KSA on the switch, I highly recommend you check out this video: kirby star allies free

Should you play Fortnite in 2018?

Fortnite is a really good game, fun, addictive, tilts me like any other game.

Giving it thumbs up due to the appaling amount of negative reviews out there.


– Fun
– Addictive
– Team work orientated
– Good if you like sniping
– Intense Battles

– Lags a bit even on lowest
– Cheaters / Hackers
– Asians / Russians on EU / US servers
– Occasional group of campers

100.3 hrs in last two weeks / 136.1 hrs on record. Downloaded it two weeks ago, already put in that many hours. In my book any game you spend even 30 dollars on is money well spent if you spend over 50 hours in that game. Yes it has bugs, it has flaws, it has anything any other game has. For other people who want to spend 500+ hours on a game then give it a thumbs down due to the “bugs,flaws” then I’d say their being a whiney QQer.
You want battle royale? You got it. Standard game quality at standard game price. What more are you asking for? The impossible? If you even went over 100 hours to just give it a bad review why not conclude your review around 20 hours if it was that bad you wouldnt play past that I promise you. In all Good Game. Well this game was good just like H1Z1 it has fallen prey to mass cheaters and it seems the game company is making more money selling keys after banning cheaters unfortunately after they have destroyed the game it will be to late to save and it will fall exactly like H1Z1 aka King of the Kill , what a shame it had so much potential. I absolutely love the cartoony look of fortnite, and I have been using these fortnite hacks & cheats!
Still this game is really good & also FREE TO PLAY! Who doesn’t love something that is free? Anyways guys I hope you enjoy my review 😛
Updated April 2018.

GTA 5 for free? The ultimate REVIEW!

With over 2.5k hours on the game, I must say the game is great. I like both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, but the modders/hackers make life a living hell on multiplayer. I had most fun playing the game with a group of friends who helped each other in heists and stock sales. Making money can be a labour intensive, but the patience does ultimately pay off. But then again the whole idea is to force players to buy Shark Cards. The load time on this game is ridiculously long and I am surprised the game isn’t officially called “Loading Simulator.” Overall, it is a very good game and probably should play it and suggest it to your friends. Highly Recommended.

Lots of great elements in SP as well as MP. But the game is and has been plagued with countless bugs, a sheer endless amount of needless loading screens and general interface issues. In Sp its still reasonably fast and fun but in MP the loading screens can take ages especially coming back to public free roaming.
Online issues:
– The interface has not improved at all and only become worse through more content, contacts, buildings & vehicles to manage.
– Rockstar is apparently only concerned making more and more money through the sale of ingame money. By unimaginatively introducing more vehicles & buildings which are not only badly balanced but super expensive. Most of the things are not worth to do at all if they reward e.g. 10000 credits for 15+ minutes “work” while new things cost multiple millions. -> “forced” into repetitively playing the few things that earn you more money or spend real money (which they want you to)
– The Motorclub and CEO buisnesses are often designed to be done in a group and maybe sometimes lucrative if they work out for the owner but rarely for his group members. -> very low incentive for other to join your group or you to join theirs.
– the game tries to force you to play in public lobbies (many jobs can only be done there. While it is supereasy without any risk for others to interrupt/destroy your job progress. The game has very little incentive to play together rather than just screwing with everyone.
– In addition MP is plagued by cheaters and they largely dont do much against it as long as you dont cheat to much money (since that cuts into their earnings from selling shark cards)

However, this game is enjoyable with friends, GTA 5 is one of those games where you JUST have to play it, yes it might not be fun all the time, but it still is worth playing. The game costs $60 right now on steam, however I got it for free watching this video: How to get GTA 5 FREE! You can thank me later 😛

My Terraria Review!

Terraria blends elements of building games and RPGs, in a unique experience that I have yet to see replicated. The game heavily relies on player preparation, be it before a boss fight or a mining expedition.
The main problem players may encounter is the chore of reorganising items and spending a lot of time scavenging in the early game.
This game has taken up so much of my time, and yet I can’t bring myself to play it anymore. playing this game takes motivation, but it’s an incredibly rewarding and unique experience.
So much of the developers’ hearts have been put into this game, it’s criminal to only play a few hours.

+ The game has many different options for players(Building, character, playstyle).
+ The gameplay is unique, rewarding preparation and coordination of armour and accessories.
+ There are many fun toys to mess around with it.

– There’s a lot of busy work involved, things like mining for early game armour and farming for accesssories.
– Late hardmode sees a lack of content, mostly consisting of moving onto the next boss while every other enemy becomes laughable.
– getting the right gear is uber-boring, meaning possible hours of killing the same enemies over and over.

4/5, but only because I’ve played it for so long. Be sure to check out this guys youtube channel, RyzaTV, he does a guide on how to get Terraria free!

This game… I just can’t even describe the amount of content this game has. It’s a mixture of an indie game and then any really good game. It’s definitely not a really short game like most indie titles are. There is probably over +100 hours of content in this game. I started playing this with a friend trying to get from start to finish defeating the current final boss. We have had some bumps, dying… A LOT, BUT it is indeed a very fun game. I am amazed at how many people say this is a copy of Minecraft though. I have to admit that I enjoy Minecraft, but this has much MUCH more content than Minecraft does, unless your playing with mods, Minecraft doesn’t really have wings to fly around with, A jetpack, or maybe even rocket boots. Those are all items in the game you can get to fly

SO YES I recommend this game! 🙂


Sims 4 review!

Ending Left abit to be desired but Overall Game was outstanding. Probably in the top 3 Games I have enjoyed the most and I’ve played alot of games. Its Rare for me to Get Hooked on a game so much I can’t wait to Get up or I’m always thinking about it but this was Definitely one of those. Story Is Great and the game has a good level of complexity some fights are really difficult and make you think alot about Setup/Builds/Strategy but it feels so good when you finally win those fights. Gear is Diverse and Interesting and allow for lots of character freedom. You can hybrid or focus purely on one or two specializations. Alot of content for your money could potentially take 80+ hours if you explore absolutely everything so Overall its a steal, Visuals aren’t fantastic but still an upgrade compared to sims 3! More than adequate there is only so much you can expect in that regard from a turn based game. If you like that style of game Definitely go buy it but even if not its worth a try for anyone because its that good!

It is all in all a great game and deserves praise.

While it seems technically not to be on the bleeding edge of what is currently possible does it run very smoothly and crash-free on a mid-range PC. This was a good decision by the developers and contributes much to the joy of the game. It’s definitely not a “blender” or a “graphics showcase”, but rather a wisely designed game engine to give players the best fun. One gets quickly into the game and does not have to play around with the game and its installation itself.

The game itself is a turn-based strategy and fantasy game about living life as a sim, which expects the player to often save and load the game. It is not the type of game most people like and find enjoyable to get into. Still, while being “heavy” on the nerdy side of gaming with a combat system as deeply complex as perhaps chess, does it surprise with out-standing voice acting and story telling. It is full of witty and non-trivial dialogues, which are all spoken with British English accents, making the game a delight to play and to follow through. I would heavily recommened buying sims if you like these types of games, personally i watched this video from ryzatv: how to get sims 4 free – just follow his video tutorial and you’ll be able to download & play completely free!

My ARK Review + How to get it for free

Crafting, killing, building, taming dinos. What else is there to say. I remember it like it was yesterday:
It was a cold day in the North West part of “The Island”. I had just left my base with my wyvren with 700% movement speed. I went for a fly. However to day was different. Today, would be the day, the my ark crashed right when I was flying over a giant herd of sabertooths. I hurriedly launched the game and logged back in, only to find that I had been eaten, and my wyvren, sadly having all his points pumped into movement speed, was a goner. I wasnt going to let me and my wyvren go avenged! I journey on foot through the artic lands! At last I found my body, the Saber tooths were gone. All that was there was a penguin! In a fit of rage I hit the penguin multiple times till it twas knocked out (because my loot de-spawned). It was unconscious, and I fed my wyvren to it. This penguin, level 5, would be my new wyvren! I pumped its stays into movement speed! I made it as fast as I could. As I advanced into ark, my base grew bigger and more crowded with dinos. My friend had logged on and I told him to get rid of the unnecessary dinos. I was afk for a few minutes and I hopped back into discord. only to discover that my friend had just traded my neighbors, I big ruthless tribe full of big dinos, that could tear our base apart in one attack! I ran over, and asked politely for my Penguin back. They said I could, and brought him to the front gate, where I was waiting, Then they unclaimed him. However today was not a good day. For some reason, it wouldn’t let me claim him. They said they didst know why. Poor penguin, his inventory had no food, and he was already bloody from starvation (or torture from those guys idk). I knew what had to be done. I hurriedly opened up google and typed the dreaded sentence: How to abort a level 14 penguin?”. There was no results but I knew that it was time. I took my c4 that I had brought along (I was anticipating having to trade for him” and i placed it along his feet. I looked him into the eyes, and said goodbye. I right clicked my mouse while holding my c4 remote. As I turned away I heard a big BOOOM. I didn’t dare turn around, fearing of seeing my sweat, sweat penguin, dead on the ground. Yes ARK is an amazing game, full of adventure. I enjoy it the most on ps4 & xbox, my pc can’t really handle it anymore. Would I recommend buying this game for the first time? Yes definitely, if don’t have the money for it, this guy has a video guide how to get it for free: ark free!

How to get csgo for free + REVIEW!

It starts off incredibly fun at first, and will give you an insane rush in your first few matches. Winning your first match is a feeling that few things can compare too. But I’m going to tell you now, once the honeymoon phase wears off, this game QUICKLY stops being fun and you’ll begin to notice just how awful the quality of it is.

– The netcode in this game is absolutely atrocious, and is hugely abusable for players with a high ping. The extremely low tickrate and insane desync that results from it means that you’re constantly dying around corners a full second after taking cover – or worse, dumping half a magazine of full-auto assault rifle into someone as soon as they come around a corner, only to get onetapped by them mid-spray because they’d already come around the corner and shot you dead on their end two seconds ago, before you even saw them start moving on your end. No ping cap or region lock means players can queue for matches on servers halfway across the world and instantly get an insane amount of peeker’s advantage.

– There’s a huge cheater population in the game that has been there ever since SCGO started getting popular. Aimbot, wallhacks, recoil scripts, teaming in solo matches, the list goes on. VAC does next to nothing to stop this.

– There are still bugs galore that need to be fixed, some of which have been in the game since alpha. Randomly dying from fall damage just because you brushed up against the wrong wall/object, vehicles glitching into walls or flying into the stratosphere from the slightest collision (admittedly hilarious but still in need of fixing), hit registration being complete garbage – there’s just too many to list here.

But in their infinite wisdom, Balve decided to let all this go through to the release instead of actually making the game a release-ready product, likely for Christmas sales.

I do however recommend just getting this game for free, I followed this guide by RyzaTV! He gets free codes and sends them to you. This game is not worth the $10. Here is the video: How to get CS:GO FREE 🤑 [PC STEAM] [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FOR FREE]